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A new era of personalised imaging


Envision continues to be at the forefront of medical imaging innovation with the introduction of the new Siemens mCT Flow PET-CT.

The Siemens mCT Flow PET/CT is the first of its kind to offer personalised imaging, resulting in reduced scan time, a lower radiation dose and a better patient experience.

No more stop and go

Current PET/CT machines employ ‘stop and go’ imaging, where the patient is stationery in the machine while the image is acquired. The bed then moves to the next position and this is repeated until the entire area of interest is covered. This outdated scanning method has two main drawbacks.

Firstly, if additional scan length is required to cover an area of clinical significance, an extra bed stop is added regardless of how much additional length was needed. As a low dose CT is also required for image correction, this extra bed stop also results in a subsequent increase to the CT range and a higher CT dose to the patient.

Secondly, although some current PET/CT systems allow the operator to vary imaging parameters for each bed position to improve scan quality depending on the clinical indication, technological limitations mean that it is time consuming to tailor to individual patients – and hence rarely done.

Advantages of Siemens FlowMotion

With the Siemens mCT Flow PET/CT scanner, scans can be easily and quickly customised for each patient to allow superior resolution over areas of clinical significance. The PET scan is acquired only over the required area, resulting in faster scans and reduced dose to the patient.

The continuous bed motion reduces patient anxiety by giving a reassuring sense of scan progression. Scans can be easily and quickly customised for each patient to allow superior resolution over areas of clinical significance, resulting in reduced scan time and a lower radiation dose to the patient.

Personalised imaging really is the way of the future, and at Envision we are proud to lead the industry by adopting innovations that improve patient outcomes.

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