Improved Access for Patients

You can now view your results via our patient web portal or our patient apps.
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qscan group merger

Envision Joins Qscan Group

Qscan Group has today announced the completion of an agreement to purchase Envision Medical Imaging, Perth’s largest privately owned medical imaging clinic. Envision,…
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Artrya and Envision

Listen now to the ABC Interview from 9 March with John Barrington (CEO & Co-founder of Artrya) speaking about new CT technology to…
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EMI Cardiac Adler

Heart disease: the case for early detection

The leading cause of death in Australia is heart disease and for a significant proportion of those people, their first presentation of heart…
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Dr Brendan Adler in Medical Forum

Medical Forum turns 21

Five experienced radiologists – Drs Lawrence Dembo, Eamon Koh, Bernard Koong, Ronny Low and Brendan Adler – have created a specialist radiology service…
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Sciatica Pain Diagram

Dr Eamon Koh authors paper on chronic buttock pain and sciatica

Imaging of peripheral nerve causes of chronicbuttock pain and sciatica By Eamon Koh Abstract Chronic buttock pain is a debilitating symptom, which severely…
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scfe scan

Drs Richard Warne and Michael Mason on slipped capital femoral epiphysis

Imaging of slipped capital femoral epiphysis. By Drs Richard Warne and Michael Mason, radiologists, Wembley & Perth Abstract Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE),…
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Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Neurolysis for Sciatic Nerve Tethering Post Mid-Hamstring Tendon Repair

Mid-Hamstring Tendon Repair by Dr Eamon Koh

Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Neurolysis for Sciatic Nerve Tethering Post Mid-Hamstring Tendon Repair Co-authored By Dr Eamon Koh Abstract Hamstring injuries are the most…
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envision medical imaging

CT of the Heart (CTCA)

“The best test for the prediction of the risk of atherosclerosis, is the demonstration of atherosclerosis” Ernest Schaeffer, Editor-in-Chief, Atherosclerosis Dr Lawrence Dembo…
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Artificial Intelligence by Dr Brendan Adler

AI, machine learning and radiology By Dr Brendan Adler, Radiologist, Wembley Abstract Artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually extend universally into health care, but…
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QCT vs. DXA: What’s the Score?

World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines are widely used for the interpretation of bone mineral density (BMD) results. In addition, WHO patient classification guidelines…
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Dr Lawrence Dembo on Calcium Score and CTCA

Calcium score and CTCA – which test when? By Dr Lawrence Dembo, Cardiologist, Murdoch Abstract The coronary calcium score is a powerful risk…
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