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QCT vs. DXA: What’s the Score?

World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines are widely used for the interpretation of bone mineral density (BMD) results. In addition, WHO patient classification guidelines…
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CT of the Heart

“The best test for the prediction of the risk of atherosclerosis, is the demonstration of atherosclerosis” Ernest Schaeffer, Editor-in-Chief, Atherosclerosis Dr Lawrence Dembo…
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Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Neurolysis for Sciatic Nerve Tethering Post Mid-Hamstring Tendon Repair

Mid-Hamstring Tendon Repair by Dr Eamon Koh

Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Neurolysis for Sciatic Nerve Tethering Post Mid-Hamstring Tendon Repair Co-authored By Dr Eamon Koh Abstract Hamstring injuries are the most…
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Artificial Intelligence by Dr Brendan Adler

AI, machine learning and radiology By Dr Brendan Adler, Radiologist, Wembley Abstract Artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually extend universally into health care, but…
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Dr Lawrence Dembo on Calcium Score and CTA

Calcium score and CTCA – which test when? By Dr Lawrence Dembo, Cardiologist, Murdoch Abstract The coronary calcium score is a powerful risk…
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Dr Eamon Koh co-authors paper on VIBE MRI

VIBE MRI: an alternative to CT in the imaging of sports-related osseous pathology? By Eamon Koh, FRANZCR, Edward RJ Walton, MBChB, FRCR and…
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Sports Article Published by Dr Eamon Koh

Dr Eamon Koh recently co-authored an article in Clinical Radiology entitled, "Pubic apophysitis in elite Australian Rules football players: MRI findings and the…
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Brendan Adler discusses 3D weight bearing x-rays

The Benefits of 3D Weight-Bearing Imaging in Orthopaedics

Dr. Brendan Adler of Envision Medical Imaging explains how 3D weight-bearing X-rays help orthopaedic doctors and surgeons make an improved diagnosis. Beneficial features…
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We’re Delving into Diagnostics

Dr Brendans Adler, Dr Ronny Low and Dr Michael Mason will be speaking in August at a Royal Australian College of General Practitioners…
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Why MRI is the modality of choice for Prostate Cancer Detection

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the prostate is a non-invasive test which can be used to detect, localise and stage prostate cancer. Prostate…
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