Good news for referrers and patients – you no longer need to store x-ray films or CDs!

Envision is committed to offsetting our carbon footprint and provide all health practitioners with online access to their patients images. To continue our ‘GO GREEN’ philosophy, your imaging preference will default to ‘NO FILM’ and we will plant a tree for each new referrer who is 100% NO FILM!

If a patient is consulting multiple practitioners, their images can be made available to additional practitioners online free of charge. If a patient requests a copy of their images for their own record, a fee of $66.00 incl. GST for FILM or $33.00 incl. GST for CD/USB (plus postage if required) is payable on collection of the images.

Practitioners please note – if you require a hard copy of your patient’s images, let us know.


Envision Dicom CD Instructions & User Guide