Injections, Arthrograms and Biopsies

What are CT Injections, Arthrograms and Biopsies?

CT Injections, Arthrograms and Biopsies are interventional procedures used to treat pain and diagnose injury and disease.

CT Injections use CT technology to diagnose and guide needle injections into joints and soft tissue to relieve musculoskeletal pain.  CT guided injections are often considered after physiotherapy or medication has not been successful in addressing pain, but before surgery is contemplated or if surgery is not possible. These injections deliver medications or cortisone directly to the area that is the source of the pain.

An Arthrogram uses contrast dye injection to assess the inside of a joint to diagnose an injury or a symptom you may be experiencing. It is primarily used for diagnosis of problems in knees, hips, shoulders, wrists and ankles.

A Biopsy uses a very thin needle and syringe to withdraw a tissue or fluid specimen from an organ or suspected tumor mass, to diagnose disease.

What types of CT Injections, Arthrograms and Biopsies are offered at Envision?

There are number of different types of CT Injections, Arthrograms and Biopsies we perform at Envision including: