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Dr Kay-Vin Lam



Kay-Vin has been a Thoracic Imaging and Interventional Radiologist at Royal Perth Hospital from 2008 and is the Principal Thoracic Radiologist and Director of RANZCR Training.

He was Co-Chair of the RANZCR WA Monthly Scientific Meeting program from 2008-2012 and Convenor of the RANZCR WA Annual Scientific Meeting in 2013 “Aria: A Fresh Perspective in Thoracic and Cardiac Imaging”.

Kay-Vin is the Thoracic Radiologist for the Royal Perth Hospital Thoracic Oncology Service and provided his expertise as a RANZCR Part II Examiner from 2010. He has completed over 190 Lung Tumor Ablations cases since 2009. He has spoken many times on Lung Tumor Ablation in Brisbane, Perth, Bunbury, and was international keynote speaker at the “International Summit on Interventional Ultrasound and Tumor Ablation Therapies” (Hangzhou, China, 2010).

Kay-Vin has accomplished national acclaim by undertaking over 1200 lung intervention cases. He commenced at Envision in January 2014 in the thoracic team.

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