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Dr Lawrence Dembo



A Cardiologist with subspecialty training focused on non-invasive cardiac imaging, Lorry completed his general Cardiology training at Royal Perth Hospital. With an emphasis on heart failure and non-invasive diagnostic imaging throughout his training he completed his fellowship in New York under the umbrella of the Cardiovascular Research foundation. Lorry’s USA training was primarily in cardiac MRI, predominantly based in a private outpatient centre with affiliations to major Manhattan hospitals.

Lorry is a Cardiologist with a fellowship in Cardiac Imaging, and is accredited by the conjoint committee of the CSANZ/RANZCR at the highest level. He has a Level 3 MRI equivalency by the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance accreditation guidelines.

Lorry has given invited lectures locally, nationally, and internationally, and is a passionate believer in the future of ‘high-tech’ cardiovascular imaging. He maintains his clinical Cardiology skill set as Head of the Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Service of Western Australia, based at Royal Perth Hospital.

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