What is an MRI Prostate?

MRI Prostate scans use Magnetic Resonance Imaging to create pictures of your body that does not use X-rays or radiation. MRI uses a very powerful magnetic field in combination with a rapidly switching Radio?Frequency (RF) to create the images. MRI does not use ionizing radiation like X-rays or CT scanning and no known harmful effects have been demonstrated.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the prostate is a non-invasive test which can be used to detect, localise and stage prostate cancer which is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in males. Until recently, prostate cancer was difficult to image and detect. MRI has emerged as the imaging modality of choice for evaluating the prostate both before and after cancer has been detected.

Envision has two high quality, modern wide-bore MRI scanners (1.5T & 3T). This ensures better images and a far more comfortable experience for you than on many other scanners in WA.  The MRI scanner at Envision is currently WA’s least claustrophobic scanner. The wide magnet bore (the part you lie in) is also the shortest in Perth, making it a far more comfortable experience for you, compared with other MRI scanners. Most importantly, the excellent image quality allows for accurate diagnosis by our specialist MRI Radiologists.

What types of an MRI Prostate does Envision Offer?

Envision Medical Imaging offers two types of MRI Prostate examinations:

Please see the individual pages for details of your procedure.