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Envision has a team of subspecialists trained in the latest sports imaging and injury management techniques.
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Our Services

The strength and reputation of Envision Medical Imaging’s musculoskeletal and sports imaging service has grown with Envision is now firmly positioned as a key partner for a number of Perth’s major sporting codes and institutions.  These include:

  • Western Australian Institute of Sport,
  • Perth Netball Association
  • Hockey Australia,
  • Perth Gymnastics and
  • many WAFL and local sporting clubs.

Like these respected institutions across the elite sporting community, you too can access excellence in sports diagnostics and treatment paired with good clinical outcomes. Envision’s specialist sports imaging services include:




Our practice is built around minimising patient radiation exposure from medical procedures.  Therefore we choose to use the latest digital x-ray equipment which yields optimum image quality at high resolution, with far less radiation exposure due to advanced engineering technology.

We’re proud to offer our clients a radiology service of exceptional quality which is of the highest standard for both patients and referrers, including:

  • State of the art Radiology services
  • First class technology and equipment, and
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff

Our Equipment

Our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment including 1.5T MRI, 3T MRI, The revolutionary Force multislice CT with cardiac capability, ultrasound, and the latest in filmless digital reporting and image archiving and distribution to ensure the highest level of diagnostic service.

XRayAt Envision MI, we use the latest digital X-ray equipment that minimises radiation exposure with advanced engineering technology. This results in high resolution images of bones and tissues at a fraction on the conventional X-ray radiation dose, with online report delivery to your doctor or specialist. More about X-Ray
Our up-to date ultrasound technology in three examination rooms is operated by Envision Medical Imaging’s highly experienced sonographers, each with over ten years experience in ultrasound imaging. Our sonographers specialise in vascular, musculoskeletal, obstetrics (pregnancy), paediatrics and general ultrasound. More about Ultrasound


Envision has two high quality, modern wide-bore MRI scanners (1.5T & 3T). This ensures better images and a far more comfortable experience for patients than many other scanners in WA. Countless patients have experienced the positive difference we provide - our team of caring MRI technicians puts them at ease, even if they are anxious or have had a bad experience in the past. Most importantly, the excellent image quality allows for accurate diagnosis by our specialist MRI Radiologists. More about MRI


Envision is the only private practice with the new state of the art Siemens CT Somatom Force.  Force mode scanning completes a study in less than a second, at even lower dose, providing better image quality.  In addition, the protocols are personally prescribed by our radiologists to ensure extremely low levels of radiation, while maintaining optimal image quality. What remains the same is the high quality interpretation by specialists who are experts in their field. The low radiation that you receive from our multi-slice CT scans is comparable to many common dental X-ray series. We choose Siemens CT scanners because they include control mechanisms that automatically adjust the radiation dose level to the patient’s anatomy, keeping dose to a minimum.  It is similar to a highly sophisticated camera’s automatic exposure mode and delivers optimum low dose with high quality images. More about CT